Intercom Sc1 Advanced C4 Pro Carbon/ C4 Pro/ C4/ R2 Carbon/ R2-Schuberth

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Intercom Sc1 Advanced C4 Pro Carbon/ C4 Pro/ C4/ R2 Carbon/ R2-Schuberth


Intercom motorcycle SCHUBERTH



Schuberth, with its excellent reputation of motorcycle helmets, has also developed a communication system named SC1 and SC1 Advanced , both perfectly compatible for the range of helmets C4, C4 Pro Carbon C4 and R2 . These models already have the microphone , enclosures and antenna . This little gem of integrated technology contains a large number of Features and remains invisible.

with this kit , you can chat, make a phone call or receive calls and listen to music simultaneously on stereo speakers . With HD Voice , you can choose preferred audio over another sound ( a call, music or GPS instructions ). Both controls are the edge of the helmet and you can add a remote control if you wish .

In addition, the helmets compatible already have qualities anti appreciable noise , which allow you to call in peace. Ne heless, if your helmet is not enough proof for you, the Advanced Noise Control Technology (TM) to address them and optimizes reduction of ambient noise , the < b> street noise or wind without influencing your perception of the environment nor your calls or sound quality of your music. You can make calls legally and use voice commands .


the use of the phone on the road is particularly regulated by law on road safety and may violate assert a fine, contravention phone while driving with a < b> Support phone car while driving a three or four wheels is permitted, a bluetooth headset , while a wired hands-free is prohibited. Only devices with Bluetooth kit Car agreed to keep the free hand on the steering wheel . voice commands (to hang up, for example), the voice recognition and voice dialing also available with bluetooth technology to enable you to have the Handsfree only available for the drive. The headset hands-free Bluetooth Wireless or ear-ear allow you to stay connected and accessible with a telephone conversation, enjoy your music in blast speakers without losing sight of your focus on the road. All Settings are adjustable via Schuberth implementation Smartphone available for iPhone and Android .


< span lang = "en" style="font-size: 12.0pt"> Other notable Advanced technology: all intercom system and sound system SC1 connects to your smartphone and your browser simultaneously with a bluetooth powerful remarkable . In version Advanced SC1 , FM (bluetooth FM transmitter) is also included. Between 10 and 14 hours of battery are included and the German automaker is still trying to provide the best possible navigation to all riders and passengers of two-wheelers, either on bike or scooter. When recharging your kit before long journeys. The kit recharges by USB Charger Cable , but you can buy accessories such as a charger (which allows two batteries to be charged simultaneously), a second battery, a remote with control full Bluetooth , designed to be operated with gloves (which avoids the phone in hand and thus helps keep hands on the handlebars safely). There are options for connecting the optional control system: Bluetooth Remote Handlebar . The housing and the kit contain: Advanced Noise Control (TM) Sena , Bluetooth 4.1 , voice instructions , 4 intercom channels , 14 hours of battery and sharing music and FM radio.




complete set for 1 person
The communication system SC1 was created by SCHUBERTH in collaboration with Sena, to allow even easier operation and improved comfort



bike to bike Intercom up to 4 players
connect via Bluetooth 4.1® powerful with the ability to connect two external devices at the same time
VOX.. voice command to accept or reject calls
integrated FM Radio, music sharing and audio Multitasking <. br /> automatic volume control.
range greater than 1000 m (350 m for Carbon helmets).
connection available to the control system optional Bluetooth Handlebar Rem ote optional.


Free update system via the manufacturer's website.
Advanced Noise Control (TM) .: Significant reduction of external noise without influencing your perception of the environment
the SC1 and battery system can be integrated with headphones via the plug & amp system; play.
The two control buttons are easy to access on the edge of the helmet.
Lithium-ion battery with charging time of about 3 hours.
Battery life of 14 hours communication and 1 week before.


Helmet Schuberth C4.
Helmet Schuberth C4 Pro.
Helmet Schuberth C4 Pro Carbon.
Helmet Schuberth C4 Pro Women.
R2 Schuberth helmet.
Carbon Helmet Schuberth R2.


Remote Control, optional.
battery replacement, optional.
Double battery charger, optional.

Integrated invisibly in the helmet (SCHUBERTH PRO C4 / C4 PRO   CARBON / CARBON R2 and R2)
Advanced Noise Control (TM) Sena
Can control is via the Sena Smartphone App (for Android or iPhone)
Possibility connection to the control system optional Bluetooth Remote Handlebar
Bluetooth 4.1

voice instructions Intercom 4
channels 14 hours autonom ie

Share your music FM Radio

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