Intercom Sc1M M1 Pro/ M1 - Schuberth

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Intercom Sc1M M1 Pro/ M1 - Schuberth


Motorcycle Intercom SCHUBERTH


Complete set for 1 person
Ask SC1M simply at the rear of. headphones and enjoy immediately the ability to use your communication system with the integrated technology in your M1 Pro.

FEATURES Intercom bike to bike up to 4 players.
powerful Bluetooth connection with the ability to connect two external devices at the same time
VOX. voice command to accept or reject calls
integrated FM radio and music sharing
Automatic control.. volume.
Range up to 500 m.
Possibility of connection Handlebar Bluetooth Remote control system as an option.

FEATURES FREE update system via the website manufacturer
Advanced noise Control (TM). Significant reduction of external noise without influencing your perception of the environment
Installation faci. the via plug & amp system; play.
Battery with charging time of about 3 hours.
Battery life of 14 hours talk time and one week of standby time.

helmet Schuberth M1 Pro

INCLUDED ACCESSORIES RC3 can be stuck on your helmet or otherwise attached with a universal clip


the communication system Schuberth helmets SC1M Advance Pro M1 and M1 specialist helmets Magdeburg has developed a very interesting concept. Instead of an apparatus which is mounted outside the headset and cables and speaker facing the inside, this communication unit and battery are inserted into slots provided for this purpose. Completed ! That's it, you can start your road entertainment program.

This allows you to communicate (with four participants max.), Phone, receive your navigation instructions or listening to music (possibility to use up to 2 Bluetooth sources simultaneously), all with a comfortable snap! Completed the tedious installation speakers and antennas

Up to 14 hours talk
Charging time:.. 3 hours approx
conference mode via the intercom 4 people max.

Bluetooth Standard 4.1 Ability to use two Bluetooth sources simultaneously (eg. GPS, mobile)
Sharing music (to enjoy several)

FM radio reception Scope of bike to bike intercom: ca. 500m intercom
Automatic volume control (AGC)
Standby time: up to 1 week
With a USB charging cable (for connection to a computer or a cell phone charger ) and battery.

a special mobile app (iOS and Android) to configure and control the device Schuberth SC1 from your mobile phone.