VULCANET - Cleansing Wipes

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VULCANET - Cleansing Wipes




Vulcanet, products enthusiasts:
Vulcanet wipes is a single product to take care of the bodywork, wheels, paint, plastic and windows of your car or your motorcycle.

with the innovation award 2008, this product ensures recurring maintenance of your gear but also clean traces of tar, insect impacts, scratches, tarnishing leather etc.

what makes Vulcanet:
- NNettoie, luster, protects, for all surfaces without risk of scratches, no equipment and in all places
- Removes. impacts and traces of insects on calenders and optical headlights.
- Removes traces of bitumen often present on the underbody.
- Degreases glass parts without any trace, leaving a film anti rain for increased security.
- scoured, DPTO rims without altering light alloys, varnishes, plastics or paints.
- Prot ege body by depositing an invisible antifouling movie.
- For the interior, cleans, removes and nourishes leather, leatherette, without making them slippery commit nine and protects stains, carpets and alcantara .


  • Contains 80 wipes to clean, polish and protect your car or motorcycle .
  • For all surfaces, and without risk of scratching.
  • Without water, without equipment, and in any place.
  • For a weekly cleaning, 2-3 wipes are sufficient.

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