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  • Technical Specifications Smartphone UNIVERSAL Support Project X:      Universal handlebar mount for smartphone or GPS. This sets a Smartphone, GPS or MP3 player.     - handlebar bracket included.  - Quick installation.  - shock protection .

    49,95 €
  • Technical Support UNIVERSAL Smartphone Phone Case:     - Dimensions: 8,5x15,5cm  - handlebar bracket included.  - Case and waterproof zip .  - Articulating arm  - Quick installation.  - Maximum protection against shock:  - Additional Safety Belt  - shock protection .  - transparent material in the area of ??the screen (compatible with touch screens)

    49,00 €
  • The SRC is scheduled the Schuberth helmet C3 bluetooth headset Kit Schuberth C3 premium Communication: - conference mode Intercom up to 3 bikers - Mobile phone functions: o Accept or reject incoming calls by voice command o Lance calls by pressure a key voice command - Integrated FM radio with RDS: o up? 6 pre-recorded stations o...


    299,00 €
  • Communication phone, FM, MP3, driver and passenger-motorcycle driver-driver Cardo Systems Scala Rider Q2 develops Multiset, an evolution of the Scala Rider system and a ready to? use to communicate between bikers and passengers and bikers and motorcyclists. This new system based on? Earphones Scala Rider of line wants to improve the quality of...


    349,00 €
  • SRC Bluetooth Integrated Schuberth C3 PRO Fully integrated communication system for modular helmets Schuberth C3 PRO . SRC-System? is an integrated communication system in the acoustic collar. main Features Communication between rider and pillion passenger Communication between riders (up to 300m) Communication...


    345,00 €
  • Specifications Kit Cardo Scala Rider Q1 Teamset: - Intercommunication driver / passenger - Music Sharing - Connection Option 2 phones mobile (potocole A2DP) - Connecting to Bluetooth music players - Bluetooth GPS Connection - integrated FM radio with RDS - wired connection option for MP3 players without protocol A2DP - the Cardo Kit Scala...


    279,95 €
  • Specifications Kit Cardo Scala Rider Q1: - Bluetooth communication system - Listening to music - Connecting to Bluetooth music players - Connecting Bluetooth GPS - integrated FM radio with RDS - wired connection option for MP3 players without protocol A2DP - regular updates online - sober design, aerodynamic and elegant - Kit Cardo...


    159,95 €
  • This reliable and tight bracket is compatible with iPhone 3G, 3GS and 4. Easy to mount on handlebar or stem for MOTO and bike. Support Iphone has a protection for sealing with the waterproof case. Touch screen remains usable even under the support. the chamber allows a strength against external shocks. Finally, the support is provided with...

    59,95 €
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