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Footwear for motorcycling are essential for the safety of your feet. We offer models of motorcycle boots vintage motorcycle boots bikers, coffee motorcycle racer shoes . Motorcycle boots are essential to complete your biker gear. The rigid rods, reinforcement in the heel, the ankle bone are elements for extra protection at your feet when dropped. The lower part of the motorcyclist is often overlooked. Do not make this mistake.


Vintage Motors presents its selection of homologated motorcycle boots EC as well as vintage shoes vintage motorcycle boots or motorcycle sneakers adapted to the practice of the bike without sacrificing vintage look and loo classic k.


Our brand is one of the few in France to distribute the American brand Red Wing Shoes . This American brand has primarily specialized in solid footwear for workers. Established in 1905, Red Wing Shoes immediately proposed protective shoes and boots, durable and resistant. Today, many vintage bikers wear this brand of shoes for motorcycle . The American brand the opportunity to have elegant shoes, distinguished, with a vintage look for motorcycling. Shoes very stiff leather , they offer strength and life that make quality motorcycle boots . Red Wing motorcycle boots are also very famous. When buying a pair of Red Wing, feel free to take a size smaller than your usual size! Finally, know that their very rigid which takes several weeks to soften and become true slippers. To learn more about Red Wing Shoes, here .


Helstons also part manufacturers Rider equipment we particularly appreciate for making motorcycle boots. The French brand offers homologated motorcycle boots EC to different styles and different shapes. Vintage Motors and presents the shoes motorcycle Helstons the Helstons motorcycle boots but also motorcycle sneakers Helstons. The shoes offered by Helstons incorporate protection for the ankle, a reinforced sole, a waterproof and breathable waterproof membrane. The purchase of your motorcycle and motorcycle boots must consider your practice. Vintage Motors offers bike shoes and casual urban look. We also offer classic motorcycle boots. We also offer motorcycle boots suited to long journeys and difficult conditions: rain, cold ...


Of course, we do not forget the Shoe woman motorcycle as ladies deserve the same protection as men. And even if these latter are less comfortable than men! Finally, find a selection from Vintage Motors of dedicated accessories to the maintenance motorcycle boots and the protect your bike shoes.


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Showing 1 - 48 of 80 items