Modes de Paiement


Payment by credit card

Payment is made on the secure banking server of our partner (Crédit du Nord). This implies that no banking information about you passes through the website The payment is completely secure thanks to protocols provided for this purpose that encrypt the details of your credit card.

Cartes bancaire



Payment by Paypal

Payment is made to the PayPal server via an SSL encrypted page.

Paiement Paypal

Virement bancaire SpeedWear

Payment by bank transfer

When validating your order, we will send you the RIB of our company, you can proceed to the settlement with your bank. Upon receipt of the bank transfer, your order will be shipped.


Paiement par chèque

Payment by check

When confirming your order, thank you to send us your check to: La Companies des Accessoires, at the following address 

La Compagnies Des Accessoires
Service Internet 
21/23 boulevard Richard Lenoir 
75011 Paris

Upon receipt and validation of the check, your order will be shipped.


Paiement EN 3X

Payment in 3 times

Paiement EN 4X

Payment in 4 times