Leather and textile suit





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  • Vintage Motors presents the rain suit motorcycle     - Tightening wrist by Velcro tabs - Tightening ankles Zip & amp; snap - 1 inner pocket - clip adjustable waistband - Body & amp; sleeves fully lined mesh - Wide reflective piping         These waterproof boot covers will allow you to roll your feet dry in wet weather.


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  • Helston's KS70 combination   Helston's 70 KS combination is a combination leather in 1 piece in classic vintage look. Its design allows it to give it a unique look into the world of the bike because the French brand has tried to reproduce the classic combinations classic look with modern performance such as CE protectors. True to the brand and its...


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Leather and textile suit

Vintage Motors specialist motorcycle equipment vintage and neo-retro offers a wide selection of winter motorcycle gloves to be still warm on your bike! The difficulty in winter gloves is to find a good relationship between heat and control sensitivity. Winter gloves possess the distinction of providing heat and sealing their membrane.Une common mistake is taking too tight gloves. The cold sensation in the limbs is accelerated by poor blood circulation. It is advisable to take a more relaxed fit motorcycle glove but not too big for a better blood flow and better circulation of the heat trapped in the gant.Si you ride in town, flexibility and touched orders are a priority for better control. If you are in an area or it rains regularly, opt for drying materials quickly. For backpackers, choose the warmth and protection against vent.Certaines brands offer heated gloves. Some possess thermostats, systems of portable batteries or can be plugged directly on the motorcycle. Prices are more binding, but significantly greater comfort and these gloves can even be used to skiing! We offer a selection of suitable products to the practice of the motorcycle to go both every day to go on road trip with your friend (s)! We are sure you will find something that you were driving on a nice bike or a 1960 neo-retro today! See below, the best equipment and elegant biker accessories to satisfy your taste for aesthetics and above all be safe. Customer satisfaction is our priority