Fury Airbag System Protection - Furygan

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Fury Airbag System Protection - Furygan

Vintage Motors presents: FURY BAG PROTECTION SYSTEM-Furygan

Airbag Vest Furygan Fury Air Bag System
Vest electronic airbag can be worn only under jackets, motorcycle jackets and suits Furygan compatible

DESIGN membrane. 100% Polyamide outer
3D mesh lining for optimal thermoregulation in all seasons

FEATURES lining equipped with the technology 37.5®.. thermoregulation technology that interacts with the body and wicks moisture.
zips on the front for associating the airbag vest discreetly under your jacket, your jacket and / or compatible combination.
If wearing close to the body, we advise you to take a size smaller than your usual size.
Not machine washable or hand. Cleaning can be dry or wet cloth brush and
rolling life: 25H
cooldown the In & amp; Box:.. 2:00
Weight: 1.3 kg
Parts of protected body.. thorax, abdomen, spine, neck and collarbone
Dorsal certified level 1 integrated EC
motorcycle airbag jacket Furygan is CE certified.
SRA Ranking: 5 stars out of 5.

OPERATION Operation without cable and sensor. electronic detection system with embedded algorithms
scalable technology with smart In & amp system motion. measuring the position and movement of the rider 1000 times per second in order to detect the fall detection
+ inflation in less than 60ms. (milliseconds) airbag cushions providing protection for vital areas of the body
inflation volume:.. 12L
time during which the jacket remains inflated: 5 seconds, then progressive deflation. Deflated after 20 seconds
airbag inflations can undergo up to 3 if it is not damaged by a fall
cartridge replaceable
IN & amp;... BOX
case in & amp; Box for system operation
Button zipper unlocking
installs and connects with one click
Refill and update the system
.... electronic detection ultra fast
autonomous onboard Technology in & amp;.. motion OFFERS AVAILABLE

Activate protection system (in & amp; box) via product registration by a registration on the site in & amp; motion. www.inemotion.com

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