Care Kit Leather Redwing - Oil Tanned Leather Care Kit

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Coffret d'entretien | Red

Care Kit Leather Redwing - Oil Tanned Leather Care Kit

Maintenance Leather Case REDWING - RED WING boots Maintenance





Maintenance kit REDWING is the tool that will allow you to protect your boots vintage leather. This Maintenance kit Red Wing offers various treatments and protections for your REDWING leather boots leather to extend the life of your boots Red Wing.


Composition Maintenance kit REDWING - Oil Tanned Leather :

  • Leather Cleaner: Ecological lotion based on water, the Leather Cleaner RedWing you will remove dirt particles present on the leather without damaging or drying it. The Leather Cleaner is recommended for Redwing boots finish Oil Tanned and smotth-Finished and is not for use on RedWing boots finishing roughout .
  • All Natural Conditioner leather: leather conditioner to beeswax base for resistance to increased water
  • .  
  • Leather Protector: This protective treatment applied to the leather will prevent water, salt and other components to penetrate the pores and the leather fibers and thereby creating damage a barrier between the outer elements and fiber leather RedWing your boots.
  • cloth
  • All presented in a box for storage and optimal transport
  • Reference: 97096
  • Compositions : Leather
  • Equipment Type : clothing care
  • Brand : Red Wing Shoes

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