Dirt Ed Original Open Face Helmet - Edguard

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Dirt Ed Original Open Face Helmet - Edguard

retro-inspired dish, current specifications are EDGUARD a new model whose sign sobriety is the elegance .
polycarbonate helmet, the "Dirt Ed" gets a double shell EPS, a non-removable leather and synthetic nubuck with a cotton material combined network micro-perforated. Very comfortable, the "Dirt Ed" is very good insonnorisé. &  
The long colorless screen effectively protects against wind, insects and dust, and easy to remove, you can replace it with a smoked screen or iridium. &  
With his wand chrome outline adorns its border, open face helmet EDGUARD "Dirt Ed" is in the spirit of old vintage when aujourd sought. , Hui &  
Finally, ensure the throat closure micrometric loop, fast and efficient, a perfect fit .
Note: In accordance with the European standards, the helmet comes with a visor Clear .
Material: polycarbonate
Double Cap EPS
Inside of leather and synthetic nubuck, micro-perforated with cotton material mesh combined. Not removable
Screen: colorless, long, easily removable
chrome outline bar the edge of the helmet adorned
Comes with a carrying case
Chinstrap: micrometric buckle
Available sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Weight: 1,100 g (+/- 50 g)
font sizes
XS 53-54 cm
SIZE 55-56 cm
size M 57-58 cm
size L 59-60 cm
size XL 61-62 cm
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