LAND GLOVES D3O 37.5 - Furygan

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LAND GLOVES D3O 37.5 - Furygan

VINTAGE MOTORS presents: The LAND GLOVES D3O 37.5-Furygan


goat leather, textile and flexible liners

waterproof and breathable membrane is ideal in case of rain
* 37.5 Technology helps the body keep the right temperature and contributes to maintaining the comfortable humidity for the skin: 37.5%

protective cover D3O on the metacarpals
D3O: highly flexible materials whose molecules are locked during an impact to absorb kinetic energy
the palm reinforcement

Insert Furygan Sensitive Science on index, enabling browsing Smartphone, GPS, ...
Tightening wrist with Velcro
* thermoregulation technology that interacts with the body and wicks moisture. It consists of natural active particles from volcanic rocks. These attract water vapor and remove the glove, which keeps hands dry longer. This technology helps you warm when you are cold and cool when you're hot!

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