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Modular Helmet Schuberth



modular helmet C4 Basic Schuberth has won the public right out through its comfort and the best protection he has. Suitable for short trips or long trips, these headphones will suit you in all situations, different climates and speeds


fiber shell glass is light, comfortable to wear for long hours during road trip or even stopped in town. Ideal in terms of Security , this material is sound and resistant if drop , shock or abrasion if you are ejected from your two wheels, be it motorcycle or scooter


Choose motorcycle helmet and wear a helmet to the best size adjusted to the best your turn-of-mind is paramount. Thus, Schuberth offers a varied size headphones: Size XS, size S, size M, size L, size XL, XXL and XXXL size
. closing is ensured at a chinstrap micrometric buckle , which makes it easy to put helmet. The presence of a removable bib completes the following helmet


The system of Fan is powerful , to roll in the best conditions, aerodynamics is provided with a multi ventilation distributed over the entire head of the motorcyclist without suffering the vagaries of external temperatures and Home. cap inside the helmet , removable and washable, consists of many padding on the cheeks. The soundproofing is adapted to various conduits.

peak antibué e Original pinlock offers wide panoramic field of view , even sporty stance. visor and Sunscreen are integrated and the setting can be done in seconds. A good protective anti-scratch is also provided


C4 is available in three versions. The < strong> C4 Basic C4 Pro and C4 Carbon . The helmets are almost identical to some details: weight and accessories

Pro Version has one of the best pinlock . market (reference 120 while the Basic is equipped with 70), a bluetooth communication system preinstalled receive intercom system owner Standard SC1 or < strong> Advanced SC1 Schuberth (as including antennas, microphone, speaker headsets ...), while the version Basic includes only the locations to install the intercom of another great brand of choice. The logical consequence of these technological additions, the C4Pro is heavier, but is available in different colors .

headset C4 Basic Schuberth is only available in matt black, bright white, or silver gray gloss . Neon colors are available in the Pro version (like red, fluorescent yellow, etc). The model Carbon in turn and as the name suggests, built in carbon and light


Consider also equip your passenger with a helmet or a jet helmet or a modular helmet. Helmets motorcycle child exist for children. Various materials can be helmets such as polyester polycarbonate thermoplastic resin , titanium,


in addition to France, remember that the law requires you to the helmet and another motorcycle equipment: a pair of gloves. You can also complete your look with a vintage motorcycle pants, motorcycle jacket, motorcycle jacket or different accessories. Check that all your equipment is certified and adapted to the roads you borrow


Specifications .

modular helmet road and touring adult
Compact, ultra comfortable
shape helmet developed in the wind tunnel for aerodynamic outstanding  
optimized fit and sound design make the most C4 Basic helmet quietest and most comfortable ever designed by Schuberth
No vibration and low noise regardless of the speed
New acoustic concept with neck padding optimized and noise reduction of mechanical fasteners: Basic helmet C4 reaches approximately 85 dB (a) at 100km / h on a naked bike  
material: fiber glass hull very light, made with the DFP method (Direct fiber Processing) Schuberth, achieving minimal weight for optimum stability
the construction in parts of the inner shell to absorb high forces and offers more security
2 sizes of cap
Expanded polystyrene (EPS) of different densities for optimal absorption of shocks
integrated ventilation channels in the EPS for optimum ventilation
Interior: seamless Coolmax fabric, antibacterial, quick drying for good wicking, fully removable and washable
Interior for wearing glasses, good support
extra large colorless optical class of anti-scratch Screen 1. Very wide field of vision even in sports
position display with Pinlock integrated extra large (high-performance anti-fog film)
Screen quick change without tools < br /> sun visor smoked tint integrated multichannel
breakdown: integrated ventilation ducts distribute the air inside the helmet for maximum
Anti-Roll-Off-System ventilation (AROS ) prevents rotation of the helmet in case drop
Reflective surfaces
Supplied with a carry bag
Jugular: micrometric buckle
Weight: 1 0 g (+/- 50g)

5 year warranty  



Intercom SC1 standard .
Intercom SC1 Advanced .