C4 Pro Women Ece Modular Glossy White - Schuberth

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C4 Pro Women Ece Modular Glossy White - Schuberth

VINTAGE MOTORS presents: The HELMET C4 PRO WOMEN ECE-Glossy White Schuberth

Modular Motorcycle Helmet   Schuberth


The German brand has chosen to renew its modular motorcycle helmet road with its range Concept. The template C4 Schuberth is at the forefront of technology . The range C4Pro is identical to the Basic C4 , but this new version has a new interior more comfortable and offers better insulation noise and soundproofing. This helmet is slightly quieter


Technically, Schuberth offers better protection by choosing a hull fiberglass to this type of helmet. Next to the polycarbonate or carbon fiber , this material is best technology can side comfort and safety lightweight , it is ne heless extremely efficient shock absorption if dropped. This lightweight headset also offers impeccable protection. Regarding inside helmet removable , cap polystyrene reinforces these qualities. The comfort is provided for long hours away and the inner foam are not only pleasant to the touch, but allow particularly good support of the head. The padding cheeks and headdresses retire easily are washable , and that, whatever the size ( size XS , size S, size M, size L, size XL, XXL and size XXXL are offered by Schuberth).

for best maintaining , it is essential to choose a helmet to the right size. The modular helmets and jet helmets do not have the same characteristics as a helmet or a modular helmet. Ask measure your head circumference in the store if necessary


But the manufacturer does not stop here to offer bikers a optimal protection , even on long trips . Schuberth is recognized in the International for the quality of its helmets and Performance of the wind tunnel of its plant, the C4Pro is known < b> withstand all road conditions rain , speed may rise up to 190km / h , while adjusting the temperature to withstand extreme weather conditions . For high temperatures , the manufacturer has added mouth vents and front opening better circulation air and breathability driver . The seal that could be questionable on the previous range ( C3Pro ) has been completely adjusted . Wear sunglasses or glasses is possible. In winter, consider adding a turn-of-neck to protect you from wind and cold


Schuberth has kept its habits headphones range C4 are approved as full helmets . chin working by pressing the button under the chin, which makes the helmet easy to put on. bib Windscreen on the chin guard, is adjustable by its Velcro fastening .

(this helmet is not approved as a jet helmet, so it is not advisable to wear it open.)

< span style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif"> The jugular closing is in turn, is a micrometric buckle to ensure speed and optimum safety at the helmet

About visor , the brand alleman again worked for this model to provide a field of vision the widest possible with a visor transparent . It's nice, and importantly secures peripheral vision of the road. A series of Pinlock is available with the template C4Pro . The Basic C4 and Pro feature a removable sunshade , anti-fog and anti-scratch . These options are adjustable with a joystick (based on the helmet, left). visor height regulating is available. To comply with European standards, the helmet C4Pro includes a colorless sunscreen already installed and retractable , and a set of reflective to paste a compulsory measure if you drive in France. The Basic C4 and Pro are compatible intercom Standard SC1 and Advanced SC1 . They are pre-equipped Bluetooth


By partnering with the design studio Kisha (which also handles KTM motorcycles drawings), the manufacturer chose to focus on the design of the new helmet. The result shows well rounded, plunging, highlighted by ventilation , and optimize ventilation inside and outside of the helmet. Everything is streamlined, simple and elegant. Available colors are: white glossy, shiny black or gray


Like all of its motorcycle helmets , Schuberth offers 5 year warranty .


In addition to the modular helmet or helmet, a rider must complete his motorcycle equipment, whatever its use of two wheels, either bike or scooter even if you opt for driving with a motocross, motocross. Make sure your helmet approved standards suitable for the country in which you are driving. In France, it is compulsory to wear a motorcycle helmet to a minimum and a pair of motorcycle gloves. If you opt for a vintage look, feel free to have a look at our œil motorcycle equipment, our motorcycle jackets, motorcycle jackets our vintage. You can also complete your look with motorcycle pants and many accessories for a value price undeniable. Our motorcycle clothing offer different materials such as polyester or Kevlar for example, which will protect against abrasion



outer shell:

Matrix-based fiberglass, allowing an excellent weight ratio < br /> Direct Fiber Processing (DFP)
aerodynamics developed in SCHUBERTH wind tunnel optimized to be stable at all speeds
inner shell:

integrated ventilation channels in the EPS for optimum ventilation
expanded Polystyrene (EPS) of different densities for optimum shock absorption

high user comfort improved through a seamless cap and an integrated side channel for glasses, for a perfect fit and exceptional comfort
Interior seamless, removable and washable; anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial (Oeko-Tex 100 certified)
extra large visor Class 1 optical uncompromising and without distortion
Changing the visor without tools in seconds
Pinlock® pre-installed, to prevent fogging

integrated sun visor System Anti-Roll-Off System (AROS) to ensure the maintenance of the helmet
2 shell sizes < br /> reflective surfaces - passive safety for all conditions
the redefined standards: an improved fit and an acoustic concept make the C4 PRO headphones the quietest and most comfortable ever built by SCHUBERTH
Also easy as possible: the Pinlock® and 3 components allows users to easily mount and adjust the lens anti-fog
Plug & amp; play: perhaps welcome SC2 systems, SC1 SC1 Advanced and Standard
Weight: 1660 gr

Intercom SC1 Standard .
Intercom SC1 Advanced .

  • Equipment Type : Modular Motorcycle Helmet