Glamster Full Face Helmet Off White - Shoei

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Glamster Full Face Helmet Off White - Shoei


Vintage Motors pioneer the 'vintage motorcycle equipment presents the Glamster helmet brand Shoei

Straight out of year 60, the helmet vintage Glamster is needed on the road

. the helmet shell is round multi-composite fiber with a large screen that allows a wide field of view .

This is the perfect accessory for hipster biker looking for a vintage New Retro style

. The interior is removable and washable Nubuck it will provide you comfort and weight of 1200g will relieve during long motorcycle trips.

< span style="font-size: 12.0pt"> in terms of the safety helmet Glamster has many technological and technical features to give you maximum safety in case shock

. Some helmets may have decoration tape and other colors are u . Ned

In addition, the helmet is ECE-approved 22-05

D iscover the Glamster Laguna blue The helmet full Glamster Black The motorcycle helmet Glamter off-white motorcycle helmet full Glamster Balsat Gray The motorcycle helmet Glamster ressurection and Glamster ressurection

product C asque SHOEI GLAMSTER

Security helmet full vintage SHOEI:  


  • in multi-fiber composite recognized for its impact resistance and a weight of 1200g +/- 50
  • fully washable and removable interior, for better hygiene
  • EPS dual density for absorbing increased impact
  • Closing chinstrap loop Double D
  • Approved ECE 22-05
  • 3D inner lining for maximum comfort
  • multilayer Padding PU densities varying cheeks


Visibility and ventilation jet helmet vintage

  • Clear lens CPB-1 classic look
  • locking mechanism clasp on the bottom
  • Comes with Pinlock film series
  • screen Mechanism moving on an eccentric axis to preserve the rubber contour
  • Finishes Nubuck inside the screen to prevent possible reflections
  • 1 front air intake 2 port
  • 2 extractors on the neck to expel stale air
  • intakes air holes Mesh aluminum to the chin


you can customize your bike helmet Vintage Premier changing the screen: A wide range of shields straight or Bubbles allows you to easily customize your headset to dial a look truly exclusive vintage many colors are available. . page motorcycle visor

technical Information

motorcycle helmet



Type motorcycle helmet                                               & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                  

Integral Shoei

Weight         & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;            

1200 (+/- 50g)

Number of cap                                               & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                


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included accessories                                                                                                                                                                                      


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black / White

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  • Equipment Type : full vintage motorcycle helmet