Glamster Resurrection Full Face Helmet Blue - Shoei

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Glamster Resurrection Full Face Helmet Blue - Shoei


Vintage Motors vintage motorcycle equipment presents the Glamster helmet brand Shoei .

Straight output of year 60, the helmet vintage Glamster is needed on the road

the helmet shell is multi round composite fiber with a large screen that allows a wide field of view

This the perfect accessory for hipster biker looking for a vintage style Neo Retro

The interior is removable washable nubuck, it will provide you comfort and weight of 1200g will relieve during long motorcycle trips.

in terms of the safety helmet Glamster has many technological and technical features to give you maximum . safety crash

Some helmets may have band decoration and others are polde . Rs United

In addition, the helmet is ECE-approved 22-05

Discover Glamster Laguna blue The helmet full Glamster Black The < a href = "" style="color: #0563c1; text-decoration: underline "> motorcycle helmet Glamter off-white full motorcycle helmet Glamster Balsat Gray The motorcycle helmet Glamster ressurection and Glamster Resurrection

product C asque SHOEI GLAMSTER

Security helmet full vintage SHOEI:  


  • in multi-fiber composite recognized for its impact resistance and a weight of 1200g +/- 50
  • fully washable interior and removable, for better hygiene
  • . EPS dual density for absorbing increased impact
  • Closing chinstrap loop Double D
  • < span style="font-family: Calibri, sans-serif"> Approved ECE 22-05
  • 3D inner lining for maximum comfort
  • multilayer Paddings PU densities variables cheeks


Visibility and ventilation jet helmet vintage

  • Clear lens CPB-1 classic look
  • locking mechanism clasp on the bottom
  • Comes with Pinlock film series
  • screen Mechanism moving on an eccentric axis to preserve the rubber Contour
  • Finishes Nubuck inside the screen to avoid potential reflections
  • front air outlet openings 2
  • extractors on the neck to expel stale air
  • Taken air perforations in aluminum mesh to the chin

you can customize your headset Vintage motorcycle First by changing the screen: A wide range of shields straight or Bubbles allows you to easily customize your headset to dial a look really vintage . exclusive many colors are available on our visor page motorcycle


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1200 (+/- 50g)

technical Information

motorcycle helmet



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Integral Shoei

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White / Blue

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  • Equipment Type : Integral Motorcycle Helmet
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