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Helstons biker for equipment - motorcycle jacket, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle boots ...



Vintage Motors presents Helstons, supplier biker for equipment vintage.


Helstons is a French brand known for the quality of its products for the products proposed design.


Helstons offers essentially the leather biker gear. The French brand is a real hit with fans motorcycle cafe racer, scrambler, motorcycle vintage, retro and other models from the Custom Culture .


Helstons for parts of impeccable quality. quality Leather Jacket , solid leather gloves and strong , discrete bike shoes and resistant ... French is a benchmark in its sector, with over 25 years of know-how.


Vintage Motors offers a selection of mark Helstons to build up a perfect and unique look: motorcycle jacket , motorcycle jacket , motorcycle gloves pantalon motorcycle, shoes and motorcycle boots, motorcycle bag Helstons ... the quality is certified by certified facilities and approved by the CE. Helstons not a vintage look. It is the integration of modern technologies in retro cuts, such as adding a waterproof and breathable membrane in certain rooms.


The leather is the history of Helstons, which selects the best with passion to give your rooms an incredible life, comfort and durability. Helstons seeking the ultimate in finish and quality. A leather jacket is equipped with removable Helstons protections - shoulders / elbows back - removable thermal vest, stitching techniques to meet the twists and extreme abrasion
Helstons offers of bovine hides origins: bulls, bulls. or calf leather to offer a significant thickness. Each brand of equipment, be it motorcycle leather jacket, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle boots, motorcycle saddlebags is full grain leather . One of the specificities of leather Helstons is that they offer exceptional patina over time. What through the ages in peace. We find these qualities on vintage models such as the Helstons ... or Helstons ...


A true success, motorcycle glove Helstons ... offers the retro look desired by vintage biker.


1960 to 1970 , the golden age of the bike, are the inspiration of the brand created in 1988 and become a specialist in the leather motorcycle equipment since 1995.


For the anecdote, the French do not pimp that name at trial. It was under the recommendation of a friend qu'Helstons took this name, the names in British sounding being trend at the time. Only after that the brand has discovered qu'Helstons is a blink of the south of England.