Schuberth C3 White

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Schuberth C3 White

The Schuberth C3 white headphones (white) of the lightest modular  World
 The high-level aero-acoustics made the party  most important innovations of the C3 .  In  traveling at 100 km / h the ear of the biker  perceived noise relative wind than 84 dB  (A) thanks to the acoustic collar. Thus, the modular helmet  is well below  his own best result of 8 years ago and  creates, as the first of  class, the standard to which competition must continue  to be measured. Thanks to  low noise, the headset  increases concentration and  Attention biker  for still better perceive the warning signals.  It is  synonymous safety advantage, especially for  long trips, but also in town.  

High-level calculating Aerodynamics  in our own wind tunnel
 Under the motto that there is never too much  comfort, engineers   Schuberth  have  spent a lot of time in the wind tunnel. The tests  complexes  allowed  to optimize the shape of the hull of the headset . With his  aerodynamics  high level,   Schuberth C3  has a stable and neutral behavior in all  positions, even at high speeds. grace  Its compact design, the C3  East  enjoyable when  wants to look over his shoulder.  

System and effective ventilation  visors to the excellent properties
 Thanks to its good ventilation  studied at 100 km / h are  almost seven liters of air in the  minute entering the helmet, which  keeps cool even  when cornering become "hot." To  sun protection, the motorcyclist can  lower sun protection visor  integrated, as in  predecessors. The  patented system of handling  sun visor mechanism  place of  ergonomically on the left edge  the helmet. Other details make this  helmet gives a very modern and innovative protection:  Thus, the visor Pinlock®  shock is also a standard that the system  Anti-Roll-off (A.R.O.S.).
 To facilitate attachment of the strap, the Schuberth C3  has a closure  Very comfortable Micro-Lock.  

Schuberth helmets: high tech made in  Deutschland
Schuberth  with its headquarters in Braunschweig and Magdeburg,  develops and produces from  over 70 years of protection systems  head in the highend sector. Thanks to  the diversity of its innovative products,  the company is one of the leading manufacturers  worldwide for helmets  Formula 1 and motorcycle . The experiences of  premier class of motorcycle sport constantly provide  new pulses for the  product development that determine the  Reference category  systems  head protection.
  • Equipment Type : motorcycle helmet
  • Helmet Type : modular
  • Gender : unisex
  • Brand : Schuberth