Airbag vest Helite Airnest Turtle

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Airbag vest Helite Airnest Turtle

Helite evolved its airbag jacket Airnest mechanics. The latter is transformed into armor to better protect users scooter or motorcycle, either ground or obstacles encountered during a fall.

Vintage Motors introduced Vest airbag Helite Airnest Turtle


Its predecessor, the Airnest , includes a certified back level 2 . Previously installed to the inside of the vest, the latter is now arranged outside the jacket , covering more space and protecting airbag: the Turtle Technology.
the vest Airbag Helite Airnest Turtle and provides a better distribution of the different sausages forces due to the impact against an obstacle. < br /> the technology Airnest Turtle allows it to be 4 times more efficient than the conventional model.
Gilet Airbag Helite Airnest Turtle protects in case (rare) percussion between the rolls despite the large area they cover (whole trunk is protected aisni the soft bodies). Each shock in the back will thus be distributed over the vest.


  • The Vest Airbag Helite Airnest Turtle inflates with CO2 cartridge 100ms
  • .  
    • The dorsal certified EN 1621-2 Level 2 is obtained from SAS-TEC
      • Protective volume ranging from 17 to 24 liters (depending on the size of the vest)
        • Mechanical maximum SRA Note for airbab
          • Light and flexible to wear, do not limit at all the movements. Increased security on 2 wheels.
          • 3D mesh lining ensures a very good air flow throughout the inside of the vest and a "foam" touch very comfortable.
          • Quick opening, 0.1s
            • Striker flat
              • Total weight 950 g


  • Compositions : Textile
  • Equipment Type : Air-bag protection
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Season : all seasons
  • Brand : Helite

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