Air Bag Full Dps Vest - Spidi

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Air Bag Full Dps Vest - Spidi

Vintage Motors presents: VEST AIR BAG FULL DPS VEST-SPIDI


SPIDI Air DPS: the latest evolution of the DPS system, the airbag vest certified according to En 1624-2: 2013 FB single European standard to ensure the performance of a motorcycle airbag . A cushion of 26 liters shell torso and neck biker, strengthening security in sensitive areas in case of accident. The SPIDI Safety Lab continues the update of the DPS, raising it to the highest level of protection while providing it with great ease of use. The accuracy of the mechanical activation, extending the protection to the delicate area of ??the neck, the comfort provided by the light weight and versatility, are arguments to make this a world reference in security motorbikes. PRECISION AND SAFETY - Activation and inflation: via the cable connected to the bike, which guarantees safe and activating an airbag triggering instant crash as soon as the driver is removed from the vehicle; - An air protection with a cushion of 26 liters: in case of tripping of the system, an air chamber of 3.8 meters unfolds around the rider, protecting the back, hips, breast, and in particular the cervical area . More air, more thick, more protected areas; - No interference generated by external elements can limit its effectiveness (magnetic fields, radio waves, degradation of the battery, rain, cold, sand): the mechanical system does not require recharging a battery, or maintenance; Therefore, you can start with your own vehicle at any time without any concern. COMFORT AND VERSATILITY - Lightweight: DPS weighs only 1,070 kg; - Ease of use: it can be worn over any jacket in any season, no other purchase optional; He has a quick release and adjustment to the size of the reflex areas to be better seen at night and a jacket / pants fastening system. - Materials: the characteristics of the textile TexTech, a standard used by the Safety Lab SPIDI material are: water-repellent, breathable, windproof, the cut resistance, tear seams and abrasion. In addition, all fabrics offer high visibility.

  • Equipment Type : Gilet moto vintage