Cylinder Bag 30L Waterproof Camo - Ubike

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Cylinder Bag 30L Waterproof Camo - Ubike

TIGHT BAG CAMO CYLINDER BAG 30L UBIKE Ubike presents its selection of bags Cylinder 30 L. Ideal for a vacation in maintaining its working dry. very durable luggage. Convenient to carry and attach it provides a special tranquility for uncertain road trip. Specifications:

  • cylindrical PVC canvas bag 100% watertight  
  • Motorcycle bag with thermos-sealed seams  
  • Sealing provided by velcro closure clipped  
  • suspenders available for improved transportation bike off  
  • Reflective Devices  
  • corners and removable foam for better ergonomics on the bike  
  • welded top handle bag for better sealing.  
  • Elastic front.  
  • Dimension: Diameter 26 x 70 x 44 height width  
  • volume: 30 liters  

Available in different colors: href="" motorcycle bags Ubike

  • Equipment Type : waterproof bag
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Ubike

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