La6 Legend Gear Gourd Support - Sw-Motech

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La6 Legend Gear Gourd Support - Sw-Motech

VINTAGE MOTORS presents: gourd Support LA6 Legend Gear SW-MOTECH




Legend Gear carrier gourd LA6


LA6 The bottle holder attaches to a number of articles of the series Legend Retro Luggage Gear and on the front and back of Drybag 700 via the MOLLE system The gourd. as our model available 1.6 liter stainless steel, is fixed with the aid of a Velcro tape and a rubber band and can be quickly removed if necessary.



  • Ideal for canteens 7 cm in diameter and roughly 21 cm high (see accessories).
  • The velcro allows precise adjustment and therefore, fixing gourds dimensions slightly different
  • In addition, the bottle is also secured in its upper part by an elastic band
  • Compatible with saddlebags LR1 and LR2, LR3 Messenger bag, LT1 and LT2 tank bags, saddle girth SLS and ALS tank strap Series Legend Gear and yet the saddlebag Drybag 700
  • For panniers for media LC1 / LC2 and saddlebags LS1 / LS2, LA6 the bottle holder attaches to the side. This combination is not possible for all models of motorcycles because in some cases, it limits the use of the passenger footrest or blocks the visibility of the flashing.
  • With stitched logo


  • Before your departure and at each stop, please check that the bottle holder LA6 and gourd are positioned correctly.


  • Legend Gear carrier gourd LA6
  • Installation instructions


  • Materials: Polyamide fabric
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  • Color: Black
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  • Equipment Type : Bagagerie Moto

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