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Air Bag Ix Airbag Vest - IXON

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Air Bag Ix Airbag Vest - IXON

Vintage Motors presents: VEST AIR BAG AIRBAG IX - IXON


airbag jacket Ixon IX-U03 Airbag
Find the detailed vest airbag airbag IX-U03
airbag electronic page can be worn under any.. leather and textile jackets which Ixon.
Approved by Dorna MotoGP (TM).
Developed with Ixon MotoGP (TM) and experienced by 500 bikers across Europe.
available accessory:.. gas cartridge IX-Inflator, optional FEATURES

motorcycle airbag jacket made of fabric Stretch
If wearing close to the body, we recommend you take a size below your usual size.
3D mesh lining.
Compatible with jackets and jackets motorcycle with suitable cutting.
discreet vest is wearing under the jacket and the jacket.
Not machine washable or hand. Cleaning can be dry or wet cloth brush and
running time:.. 25H
Charging time: 3 hours
Weight:.. 1.3 kg
Parts of protected body: Thorax, abdomen, spine, neck and collarbone
Dorsal certified level 1 integrated airbag EC

motorcycle CE ranking SRA... 5 stars 5. OPERATION on

Operation without cable and sensor. electronic detection system with embedded algorithms
scalable technology with smart In & amp system motion. measuring the position and movement of the rider 1000 times per second in order to detect the fall detection
+ inflation in less than 55ms. (milliseconds) airbag cushions for the protection of vital areas of the body
inflation issue.. 12L
for security reasons, the airbag in & amp system motion was designed to stay inflated throughout the fall to protect you in case of an accident (obstacle vehicle, slide ...).
Despite depressurization few minutes after the start, it will be necessary to remove the inflator for the airbag deflates completely
iN & amp;. BOX
Case in & amp; Box for system operation
slide button unlocking
Mounts and connects in a.. click.
Reload and update the system.
electronic detection ultra r .
Apide autonomous onboard Technology In & amp; OFFERS AVAILABLE motion

Activate protection system (In & amp; box) via product registration by a registration on the site In & amp; motion www.

  • Equipment Type : Protections moto vintage

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