Helmet Integral Heroine Racer Crimson Tide - HEDON

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Helmet Integral Heroine Racer Crimson Tide - HEDON

Vintage Motors presents: The Helmet Integral Heroine Racer Crimson Tide - HEDON


Heroine Racer is the Hedon helmet. Designed in London and handcrafted with a retro classic British style, a wide field of vision, double anti-fog lens, available in 5 sexy colors and a 3-channel ventilation, it is the quality ultimate in and luxury for motorcycle helmets. Signature Black is the cool and classic personality that resembles the play in all situations.
o fiberglass hull and carbon fiber
o shell painted black, glossy finish
o Lining Hed Armor with cushion padding 360?
o antibacterial fabric Merlin
o trim and leather lining
HEDON natural calf brass

Hardware brass o DD brass buckle
o Soundproofing impeccable as our hedonistic
o ventilation system with 3 channels
o Double lens clear anti-fog
o shell lightweight, streamlined
o Weight: S / M 1290 grams L / XL 1360 grams
o 5 different colors sexy visors compatible (purchase separately)
o ECE 2205 (This means they are legal on road throughout Europe and the United Kingdom)

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