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Vintage Motors presents the Moto Man Helmet Shoei X-SPIRIT-III BLACK


When you are lying on a MotoGP bike, you need to have complete confidence in your headphones. This was one of the main objectives when developing the new X-SPIRIT III. The headphones are perfect for running and nothing else
with extreme performance breakdowns and high sophisticated aerodynamics, X-SPIRIT III is the perfect companion to clinch the first podium finish <. / p>

Features headphones Technical SHOEI X-SPIRIT-III BLACK:


- Shell in AIM + Overlay fiberglass layers," high performance organic fiber "and multi-fiber composite for an absorbent body to the optimum stiffness


- shell in polystyrene multi densities optimized protection through the use of materials of different levels of absorption


- security System EQRS (Emergency Quick Release System) is designed to facilitate the extraction of the helmet in the event of accidents


- strap Double D chin strap Quick Coupler and always perfectly adjusted


- 4 Sizes shells for a perfect fit and optimal compactness (XS-S / M / L / XL-XXL


- flexible interior system for an individual adjustment. Cap, cheek pads and chin straps protection are removable and washable.


- adjustable interior the position of the helmet can be pivoted by 4 ° around the horizontal axis. This allows the driver to adjust the position of the helmet and get a better field of vision when in stroke position.


- multiple air inputs and outputs for ventilation to optimal performance: 6 air intake low, frontal and superior, 6 air extraction in the back, Achievement of optimal ventilation for motorcycle sport


- New ventilation system in the cheeks : for the first time, a helmet is equipped with a ventilation system to the bottom of the helmet because helmets are closed at the the base for better aerodynamic performance, there is less air exchange than on older models of helmets. This innovative ventilation system allows regulation of the effective temperature of the cheek pads.


- sophisticated aerodynamic system highly specialized aerodynamic system for high-speed driving. Developed and tested in the SHOEI wind tunnel, it reduces the drag and lift the helmet.
This reduces the stress experienced by the driver's neck. The lift phenomenon is reduced by 3% and the aerodynamic resistance of 10% compared to X-Spirit II.


- rear spoiler with integrated baffles the X-Spirit III reduces vibration of the helmet 50% compared to X-Spirit II. This is essential to have a clear vision when high speed driver. Two baffles sizes are available depending on weather conditions and the characteristics of the track. A short versions for winding and slow circuits, a longer version for fast tracks with long straights.

  • Compositions : fiberglass
  • Equipment Type : motorcycle helmet
  • Helmet Type : full motorcycle helmet
  • Gender : Unisex
  • Brand : Shoei