Sz/R Vas Diamond Black Open Face Helmet - ARAI

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Sz/R Vas Diamond Black Open Face Helmet - ARAI

motorcycle Helmet Jet   Vintage Arai

vintage Motors , a pioneer of motorcycle equipment vintage, presents headphones Jet SZ-R VAS DIAMOND BLACK   the Arai brand

The premium headset Jet Arai through five steps to control until you are offered and   is removable and washable

The Jet Arai handmade , you must know that a helmet requires 18 hours of labor d'oeuvre.Grâce its quality cap to form the helmet has a comfort and an optimal weight incomparable. In addition, the headset has even been tested against penetration to meet all requirements. The helmet for motorcyclists and scooter riders meets specifications very strict in terms of safety

. The helmet Jet SZ-R VAS Diamond black is black   and it will be delivered with its long flat colorless visor

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  • jet upscale Helmet fiber laminated
  • Shell improved using the latest any concept VAS
  • outer shell PB-cLc2 (" layered complex construction (squared) to peripheral belt ")  
  • Hull exterior round, smooth and very hard to distribute the impact forces
  • soft inner shell to absorb the residual energy
  • inner shell   internal EPS multiple density
  • < li> Interior removable, replaceable and washable fabric soft, soft, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial helping maintain neutral acidity levels. mild adjustment, deeper and more comfortable
  • Removable padding at the temples enabling a custom fit
  • < li> cheek pads with a water-resistant layer: an impermeable foam prevents water from entering, it also functions as qu'insonorisant, adjusting the sound a moderate level
  • Headsets and cheek pads: with a layer stripping 5mm to gain space as needed for even more fit and comfort
  • replaceable ear pads and detachable slot for insertion of the branches of easier glasses
  • jugular: Double D-loop
  • Cache-jugular replaceable
  • ECE-approved in 2205

Visibility and ventilation helmet Jet Arai SZ-R VAS Diamond Black

  • Screen: colorless anti-scratch treated and predisposed to receive an antifog movie high performance Pinlock
  • new screen with system VAS variable axis: with a lower pivot point that allows the hull to be more flexible in the temporal area, improving the capacity of the helmet to slide in a more flexible if it comes into contact with the ground. This lower pivot position is made possible through the whole double pivot creating a variable axis system (VAS) allows the display to operate where a single pivot could not.
  • System VAS of the visor attachment position is lowered, offering an average of 24 mm longer at the temples.    
  • Ability to add the system to shield external sun visor Pro Shade Optional: top, bottom or in the center, this new desktop system fits many light conditions without sacrificing performance protection against the impacts of the helmet. Its unique design lets the same high-speed air
  • Central Superior venting - entry: new breakdown top with 11% more airflow than the previous ventilation. The new button bigger, allows opening and closing easier. The new superior ventilation has three positions: closed, half open and fully open to adjust the flow of air and prevent water intrusion when fully closed
  • rear Aeration: exhaust neck, improves hot air extraction from inside. Increases the ventilation effect from the lower part of the helmet
  • Side Exhaust produce less pressure behind the rear ventilation for a better extraction of the air. Integrated into the shell for better aerodynamics, reduce wind noise and avoid the high speed tremors
  • . At inside, a small foam barrier helps to absorb and reduce excessive noise, without reducing the ventilation performance
  • aerodynamic: Air spoiler Wing® patented non-adjustable. Tested in MotoGP and designed to reduce streaking, turbulence and tremors with for comfort and extra speed. It improves the stability of high-speed helmet or sudden braking, and   reduces noise  
  • Comes with carrying case


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technical Information motorcycle helmet arai  


type motorcycle helmet                                         & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                  

Jet Arai

Weight   & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;            

1200 (+/- 50g)

Number of shells                                         & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                

5 shells

Hull Type & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                  

laminated Fiber

included accessories                                                                                                                                                                                




Color                                           & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;            


Warranty   & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp

5 years

Chinstrap helmet Bell                                         & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;            

Double D

Approval   & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                                                 & nbsp ;                

Jet Helmet ECE 22-05





removable and washable interior


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  • Equipment Type : Casque moto jet
  • Brand : Arai

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