Hedon Hedonist Tide

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Hedon Hedonist Tide

Vintage Motors presents the jet helmet HEDON Hedonist Tide


 How better than 'conventional jet' proposed until today, while meeting the safety standards?


 The mark Hedon has done and offers headset Hedonist Tide motorcycle helmet , scooter retro look for purists. timeless lines, noble materials (lamb leather, carbon and copper) to fans of sober design, simple and uncluttered These helmets sweat vintage and neo-retro


The hull of jet helmet Hedonist Tide , bi-composite fibers (carbon fibers and glass ), is available in 3 sizes giving it weight lightweight . The ergonomics of the Hedon helmet does not compromise comfort or safety. Worthy of the finest helmets jets "vintage" period, Hedon jet helmet Hedonist Tide , has developed the smallest motorcycle helmet and scooter market, but without foam crumbling and with standard respected ECE2205!


maximum quality approach, particular care given to detail, each headset Hedonist Tide brand Hedon is hand assembled by a craftsman who will be dedicated to him.


Choose the motorcycle helmet Hedonist Tide of Hedon brand, for a look exceptional and particularly connected.


Specifications helmet motorcycle jet HEDON Hedonist Tide

Technical and Cap headset Hedon Hedonist Tide    
  • Material carbon fibers and glass
  • 3 shell sizes headset Hedon Hedonist  
    • helmet shell SMALL for sizes XS and S (800g weight)
    • helmet shell MEDIUM for sizes M and L (920gr weight)
    • helmet shell WIDTH E for sizes XL (1000g weight)  
  • The inside of the helmet is covered with antibacterial fabric suede, lambskin contours
  • The inside of the helmet , inspired rugby helmets, consists of protecting pads and now completely the head.

Outdoor Composition of jet helmet Hedon Hedonist Tide    
  • seal around the headset cowhide
  • Rivets Snaps and buckles "Double D" (DD) are pure copper
  • .  
  • Paint and varnish from the car for color depth and a surface without any defect
Accessories Helmet jet Hedon Hedonist Tide:    
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Weight: 850 g (+/- 50 g)


particular size grid for Hedonist helmets:


XS: 53-54 / S: 55-56 / M: 57-58 / L: 59 / XL: 60-62