JET HELMET HERA 2 - Marko (Black / Brown)

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JET HELMET HERA 2 - Marko (Black / Brown)

VINTAGE MOTORS presents: The JET HELMET HERA 2 - Marko (Black / Brown) p>

Technical Specifications:  


SIZES: S & gt; XL


WEIGHT 1150 g

  • external ABS shell  
  • removable and washable textile interior mesh construction and fibrotech  
  • Closing micrometer  
  • scratch-resistant long colorless screen provided with the headset  
  • Wide Field of View  
  • adjustable inner solar screen with two positions enabling? Be adjustable to all body types  
  • mount for goggle goggles if? Use without long screen  
  • Equipment Type : CASQUE MOTO JET

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